Zillow is almost ALWAYS wrong! The reasons are many but the most common reason in our area is that our homes are spread out and very unique. In other words: If you live in a cookie cutter subdivision that has plenty of recent sales and the homes are virtually the same, Zillow and other online home valuations are much closer to real life values but outside of that (Which is more common in our area) they are almost always wrong. Most commonly the big Z will give you a value that is a good bit higher than the reality. However, on occasion, your home is worth much more than Zillow predicts. This is a shame because the buyers do put a huge weight on this and you can bet that the buyers will be checking. I will write another blog soon addressing this but just know this: A computer or website will NEVER be more accurate than a seasoned, local professional.

Below is a case study. I sold 26 Settlers Cove for $680K in 7 days! This was $280K more than their "Zestimate" and only $20k from asking price. This didn't happen by accident. Watch the Client Testimonial Video, view the property video and ads that I ran on social media and the absolutely gorgeous photography and the "eye-popping 3D tour" and if I can help you, please call.


Listing Process

How can the Exit Mountain Realty Team sell your home in half the time and for thousands mo...

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